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Get linky here (linky isn't infectious)

Post  Sockworth on Mon Apr 05, 2010 3:12 pm

I thought I'd share some links to a few different sketches by different sketch troupes. These aren't necessarily my favourite sketches (though a number of them I am quite fond of), but just ones I've watched recently. I've only included one sketch from each group to keep it short.
Whitest Kids U' Know – Grapist
The Delusionists – Jesus: Healer, Preacher ... Carpenter
That Mitchell and Webb Look – Divine watermelon
Pappy’s Fun Club – Marty, Mim & Julius
Full Frontal – Rhetorical Sale of the Century
Monty Python's Flying Circus – The Ministry of Silly Walks
Comedy Inc. – interview with Iraqi terrorist (subtitled)
Fry & Laurie – An unusual surname
Armstrong & Miller – WWII RAF sketch (3 of 8)

By the way, does anyone else find Little Britain frustrating? Matt Lucas and David Walliams seem to be great at characters but a little bit arsey with actual ideas. Or perhaps that's just me. Am I getting people offside too early in the piece here? Does conversation even have an 'offside' rule? How many conversationalists can be in play when Little Britain is mentioned?

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