You are not alone!

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You are not alone!

Post  Sockworth on Tue Apr 20, 2010 4:51 am

If you've stumbled on this forum because you were really, really looking hard for other Australian sketch writers - and did not find any wedged between your couch cushions or crammed in the fridge (not even behind the butter) or stuck to the inside of the pocket of the jeans you just put through the wash, and had even lifted all the flaps in your Spot book just to be sure there were no sketch-writers hiding there behind a balloon - if you looked and looked and looked and finally found alternative.route and are now feeling disheartened because the messages are all a couple of weeks old and no-one else is here ...

Do not be alarmed.

It's because this site has not been publicised yet. Efforts are now underway to rectify that minor barrier to delicious forum-y goodness, and the site is checked daily. Feel free to leave a message, fire off an email ( or even register as a member.


Don't leave.

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