Back to the future ... the eco-friendly version

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Back to the future ... the eco-friendly version

Post  Sockworth on Fri May 21, 2010 4:25 am

Had a half-baked idea in the car - I haven't written any dialogue for it yet but here it is, still squidgy and undercooked.

A time traveller wants to make sure he's minimising his carbon footprint when time travelling, so instead of having a big car like the Doc, he uses a bicycle. Interview-style situation where he is explaining that he can't travel *back* in time yet, but can definitely travel forwards.

He volunteers to demonstrate his ability to time travel - starts pedalling furiously and gathering momentum. Fade to black; fade back in to show sweaty, red-faced, panting time traveller pulling up on his pushbike with his big round helmet slightly askew.

INTERVIEWER: So we are now five minutes into the future.
CYCLIST: Yes, I have successfully travelled five minutes into the future on my bike.
INTERVIEWER: And how long did that take you?

CYCLIST looks at his watch.

CYCLIST: Seven minutes ten.
INTERVIEWER: Seven min--
CYCLIST: (Defensively) Obviously the technique needs some refining.

etc ...

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