Sketch - Tea-leaves can't spell

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Sketch - Tea-leaves can't spell

Post  Sockworth on Mon Apr 05, 2010 12:23 pm

Not a full sketch yet; just an idea about a really bad tea-leaf fortune teller. She swirls the teacup and peers inside, where there is a very clear skull and crossbones.

FORTUNE-TELLER: (To client) Um ... I think you're going to become a pirate.

On a separate occasion, FORTUNE-TELLER peers into the teacup and sees a heart. She looks confused and turns it upside-down.

FORTUNE-TELLER: (To client) You’re going to have breast enhancement.

On another occasion, FORTUNE-TELLER swirls teacup and peers inside, where the word 'die' is quite clearly written.

FORTUNE-TELLER: (To client) Do you know someone called ... Clie? (Nervously) Oh, hang on, maybe it's supposed to say Clive. I haven't done it right.

Show the FORTUNE-TELLER at fortune-teller school, learning to read the tea-leaves the same way that children read story books (and making a mess of it).

FORTUNE-TELLER: (Peering into a teacup) And they all ... exfoliated ...
FORTUNE-TELLER: ... lived hap ... hap ... bolero ...
TEACHER: Happily.
FORTUNE-TELLER: ... happily ever ... sponge.

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