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Sketch idea / character

Post  Sockworth on Fri Jun 04, 2010 8:27 am

This is more an idea for a character, a very conservative, older man who gets relatively innocent things (such as indigenous people) confused with bad things (such as hydrogen bombs). He is trying to change the public perception of his party
to be a bit less stuffy and has hired a committee of twentysomethings to help revitalise the party's image. The sketches would probably be set in a meeting room.

JUNIOR: So you're saying that gay people shouldn't be allowed to adopt children.
JUNIOR: I think there's potential here to perhaps freshen the party's stance. (Minister looks surprised.) Why exactly do you think gay people shouldn't be allowed to adopt?
MINISTER: Well, because I've heard they do terrible things. They, they, they destroy families! Homes! Villages! They breathe fire and--
JUNIOR: If I can just stop you there, Brian, I think you may be confusing gay people with dragons.

Any input for development of this idea is most welcome! It would probably be a bit too easy to make this sketch overly political, which is something I'd prefer to avoid, but I don't mind hints or references to real-life events.

Semester is nearly over ... good luck with exams, final assignment, essays etc!

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